Why that epic tampon scene in Amazon’s ‘Nocturne’ is so fun to watch

Why that epic tampon scene in Amazon's 'Nocturne' is so fun to watch

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Periods aren’t scary. Annoying, sure. Messy, sometimes. But rarely “scary.” 

And yet, the horror genre has used menstruation as a vehicle for conveying terror and conjuring evil for decades. Whether it’s Carrie dodging tampons in the locker room or Beverly Marsh battling that blood geyser in It: Chapter 2, practically any time “Aunt Flo” appears in a horror movie she’s presented more like a monster than a routine bodily function. Yeah, it can be problematic as hell.

But in Zu Quirke’s feature-length debut Nocturne, the tenacious writer-director isn’t afraid to subvert the sexist trope with her ferociously feminist yet restrained style.  Read more…

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