What is climate migration?


Imagine you’re a farmer, and for the third year in a row, most of your crops die during an intense heat wave. Or that your home is destroyed by a hurricane, flood, or fire. Maybe you’ve had to rebuild multiple times already. Or you don’t have a home at all anymore. What do you do?

For an increasing number of people, the answer might be to pack up and leave. Whether it’s within a country or across national borders, a growing number of people, often called “climate migrants” or “climate refugees,” are leaving their homes behind.


“It could be natural disasters, it could be some steady deterioration in their livelihood systems,” like farming or raising livestock, said Alex de Sherbinin, a geographer at the Center for International Earth Science Information Network at Columbia University’s Earth Institute. “People are going to need to leave areas where conditions are not so hospitable anymore.”  Read more…

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