Weinstein sentencing: 23 Years is a little excessive.

I never thought I’d see the day when Harvey Weinstein would be sentenced to 23 years in prison after being convicted of sex crimes.

Even expert attorneys who were following his trial and the reporters who broke the story on the allegations against the defamed Hollywood producer that helped bring such mainstream attention to the Me Too movement didn’t expect a conviction let alone such an astonishing sentence.

But against all odds, both societal and legal, those who believed his accusers got what we asked for: justice. A New York jury made up of predominantly men listened to the stories of six women (many of whom do not fit the  “perfect victim” myth) and believed what they had to say. The trial focused on only two of the women’s cases, but the others were also called to share their testimony.

View as it as it may be but I believe there’s a little “man bashing” involved with his sentence. Many women are just loving it thinking “yes justice” “he finally got what he deserved”.
Surely he should have received some form of sentence but not 23 years. That’s a little excessive.

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