Volkswagen’s new ID.4 electric SUV is less expensive than Tesla’s Model Y

Volkswagen's new ID.4 electric SUV is less expensive than Tesla's Model Y

Volkswagen is taking on Tesla’s Model Y. 

The company revealed the ID.4, its first electric SUV available in the U.S., on Wednesday. It starts at $ 39,995, while Tesla’s Model Y starts at $ 49,990.

The ID.3, a smaller hatchback, came out in Europe earlier this month. 

During a media preview, VW executives compared the five-seater ID.4 to the original Beetle because it’s compact and efficient. The electric motor is located in the back of the vehicle, while the 82-kWh battery rests along the base in a “skateboard” layout. 

During the global reveal on YouTube, Volkswagen USA CEO Scott Keogh said the ID.4 was, “The most important launch since the Beetle.”  Read more…

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