Watch Trump supporters harass the Biden campaign bus

Two days after cars driven by the president’s supporters in Texas unnerved the Biden campaign with aggressive driving, his supporters in New York and New Jersey briefly blocked traffic on two major thoroughfares.

Many know Trump will win the election, probably not by much but a hairline margin.
When people say Donald Trump is doing his level best to foment violence and unrest, this is what they’re talking about.

The costume-heavy revelry of Halloween Twitter was disrupted on Saturday when an alarming clip surfaced showing what appears to be a caravan of Trump supporters chasing the Biden campaign bus on a highway in Texas. It’s a frightening scene.

In a series of incidents that apparently unfolded on Friday throughout the day, Trump supporters made a dangerous public nuisance of themselves as the Biden campaign progressed through central Texas. At least one event was canceled as a result. Read more…


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