Twitter’s ‘Quote Tweet’ changes make sussing out online drama easier

Twitter's 'Quote Tweet' changes make sussing out online drama easier

Twitter’s incredibly handy “Retweets with comments” feature is getting a rebranding, as well as becoming a tiny bit more convenient to use.

Earlier this year, Twitter added the option to see retweets that include a comment without having to use an automated account such as @QuotedReplies. Now the feature has been renamed, ditching the descriptive but clunky “Retweets with comments” for the cleaner “Quote Tweets.” 

Quote Tweets also appear between the Retweets and Likes on a tweet now, making the feature slightly less annoying to access. Previously, you had to click to see the Retweets, then click “Retweets with comments” from there. Now, you can just jump straight to the drama. Read more…

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