Trevor Noah slams Trump’s sarcastic reaction to Mitt Romney’s self-isolation

Another press conference, another Donald Trump-related disaster. This time it wasn’t just bad predictions or misinformation, though — when informed that Mitt Romney was self-isolating in the midst of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Trump sarcastically responded: “Gee, that’s too bad.”

Trevor Noah wasn’t impressed.

“God damn,” Noah says from his couch, during Monday night’s edition of The Daily Show. “You know, even if we all get wiped out, I feel like Trump’s pettiness is going to be the only thing that survives this pandemic. 

“There’s no good time for a president to be a dick, but what he did there was a little…I mean, it was shitty, right? Mitt Romney’s in danger after being exposed to the virus, and Mitt Romney’s wife Ann has MS so she’s at a higher risk for complications. And I bet Trump didn’t even think of this when he spoke. You know, because he can’t imagine a husband and wife getting close enough to expose one another.” Read more…

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