TikTok rap captures the UK’s entire mood right now

TikTok rap captures the UK's entire mood right now

We’re all feeling pretty confused right now. 

As restrictions begin to lift around the world, our prime ministers and presidents have left us all with more questions than answers about what’s going on. 

In England, the government has started to adjust these restrictions, with restaurants and bars opening, and travel allowed to certain countries. But since the beginning of lockdown, government guidance on what people are allowed to do has been vague and difficult to interpret — from its bizarre “stay alert” slogan to its three-month-overdue mask-wearing policy.

21-year-old graduate and musician Victor Oluwatowoju — aka V.I.C. — has pretty much summed up every single question we could possibly have right now in a TikTok freestyle addressed to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Oh, and did I mention it’s catchy as hell? The video has struck a chord on TikTok, where it’s gained 444.4K views and 87.8K likes.  Read more…

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