The Strongman Con: How to stop worrying about Trump stealing the election


Are you freaking out about Donald John Trump’s week-long stream of statements to the effect that he won’t cede the presidency if he loses in November? Has your stomach not been the same since he talked about wanting to “get rid of the ballots”? Are you so tired by 2020 and so sleepless, so tortured by nightmares of Trump staying in the White House by force that you have no energy to help get out the vote that could crush him in a landslide?

Then you, my friend, may be an unwitting victim of the Strongman Con. Trump is reportedly laughing behind the scenes at how much of a fuss he’s kicked up with his democracy-defying act. All the attention is on him again: just the way a narcissist likes it. His opposition, which far outnumbers his supporters, is terrified: just the way his base likes it. Don the con, perpetual perpetrator of scams and bankruptcies and frivolous lawsuits, past master at making himself and his company look bigger and meaner than they actually are, thinks he’s getting away with it again.  Read more…


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