The newest Google Doodle is, unsurprisingly, about voting

The newest Google Doodle is, unsurprisingly, about voting

In case you haven’t heard, there’s an election coming up. The latest Google Doodle will remind you if you forgot.

Google likes to inject the logo above the search bar on its famous homepage with some artistic flair, and Sunday’s Google Doodle is all about the election. Clicking on it will direct users to a search for “how do I vote #election2020,” which is chock full of information about, well, how to vote.

Users can find out how to check registration status and where to vote, according to the info page Google puts together for each of its Doodles. Naturally, Sunday’s Doodle only reached users in the United States. Those from other countries probably wouldn’t find any of that information useful. Americans have been furiously Googling various topics ahead of Election Day to stay informed, so this Google Doodle will surely be seen by plenty of folks. Read more…

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