The Media Loves to scare the world – Don’t fall for it.

With the current COVID-19 virus taking it’s toll on the rest of the world it doesn’t make matters any better when you have the media fueling the fire with their scare tactics and headlines.
Unlike many other viruses and diseases we have seen over the years, this is really no different, except with it’s speed within a week or so around the world.

The media can make matters worse on their reporting. They blow it out of proportion.
Don’t fall for it. They love to stir drama. That’s their job.
Be smart and responsible. Follow your health and take steps to protect yourself.
Treat it like the flu,  According to the CDC, there have already been up to 51 million cases of the flu this season, leading to hundreds of thousands of hospital admissions and up to 55,000 deaths.
Getting a flu shot is a great first step if you’re worrying about avoiding illness. Other measures to protect yourself from the flu (such as staying away from others who are sick and taking care to not infect others if you’re sick) are basic strategies that can also help you avoid the new coronavirus.


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