‘The Craft: Legacy’ is the sparkly savior your Halloween deserves

'The Craft: Legacy' is the sparkly savior your Halloween deserves

Call the corners, drink of your sisters, slap on a cat-eye, and have at it with the glitter: The Craft: Legacy is here and it’s spectacular. 

“Wait, you have good news? For this Halloween?” It’s surprising, I know.

In a year rife with misfortune, Blumhouse’s follow-up to The Craft seemed bound for failure. 

Of course, revisiting a cult classic is always divisive, but first reactions to writer-director Zoe Lister-Jones’ Craft continuation were especially apprehensive. Concerns over the trailer varied, including “not enough Love Spit Love,” “not enough Fairuza Balk,” “not enough black,” etc. Still, one sentiment appeared universal: Halloween already sucks this year, why ruin The Craft too? Read more…

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