The 24 funniest stand-up specials to watch on Netflix while social distancing

A laugh, a chuckle, a guffaw, a giggle: We’ll take any of ’em! 

In these trying times of social distancing, nothing feels more essential than a feel-good break from reality — the kind that pushes your smile to its limits, works out your core, and reminds you of the magical outside world we all once knew. Luckily, Netflix is stacked with great stand-up specials primed for the job.

From hours that made our favorites famous to recent routines from comedy vets, here are 22 of the funniest stand-up specials now streaming on Netflix ranked by how much they’ll make you laugh.

Note: Some of the best comedians have multiple specials. To avoid any one performer dominating this list (*cough* John Mulaney *cough*) we’ve applied a one entry per comedian rule, but shouted out other performances of theirs that we’ve loved. Read more…

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