Tesla is first car compatible with Amazon’s Ring Car Connect

Tesla is first car compatible with Amazon's Ring Car Connect

Tesla owners already have Sentry Mode for car security. But for extra protection, they can buy a $ 200 device from Amazon’s Ring. 

Announced Thursday at an online Amazon event, Ring Car Connect sends car owners alerts about activity near their vehicle. It can also share footage from outside the vehicle, and let car owners know if their doors are locked. 

Ring Car Connect ($ 199) works with the Tesla Model 3, X, S, and Y, and requires plugging a small device into the car. Other car makers can add Ring Car Connect compatibility in the future. 

Tesla’s Sentry Mode already comes in every Tesla vehicle for no additional cost. It can record footage of what’s happening outside of the vehicle when it’s parked. Sentry Mode also sets off an alarm if someone gets a little too close to the car while it’s locked. Read more…

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