Stressed? Train your body and mind to have multiple orgasms


I bought my first vibrator, a battery-operated turquoise wand with a bulb at the top, when I was 19. Thanks to the internet and an inquisitive mind, I was already well-versed in masturbating, but the concept of orgasms delivered by a plastic wand and AA batteries fascinated me even further.

While my objective for masturbating was by-and-large pleasure/orgasm, I knew intrinsically about the stress-relieving benefits of the act long before I ever read about them. Besides using my vibrator when I was bored or horny, I’d use it when I wanted to relax or fall asleep a bit easier.

I’ve since graduated from that starter toy to options such as LELO’s SONA and SORAYA 2. While the toys I’m using have changed, I’ve maintained masturbating as a way to relieve my stress — at least to let me forget about it for a half hour or so. Read more…

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