#StayTheFHome urges people to stop the spread of the coronavirus

In an effort to get people to stay inside and reduce community exposure to the coronavirus, a German software engineer has created a website with a simple, catchy message for the world: Stay the fuck home.

All Government and workplaces will compensate anyone financially for loss of wages. This problem is no ones fault.
Just use common sense as with the FLU, avoid large crowds and close contact if you can. It will pass and things with get better in a week or 2.

The site,, contains a 12-point “Self-Quarantine Manifesto” that encourages best practices like not shaking hands, cancelling events, and avoiding public transport. It’s been shared thousands of times on Twitter by people hashtagging #staythefuckhome. The SFW version #StayTheFHome was at the top of Twitter trends for a big chunk of Sunday morning.

I will do my part in the fight against #COVID19. I urge you to do the same! #StayTheFuckHome

— Tracy Chou (@triketora) March 11, 2020 Read more…

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