Stanley Tucci, Guy Fieri, and Martha Stewart surprise fans for John Krasinski’s celeb potluck

John Krasinski’s wholesome YouTube series Some Good News keeps delivering the surprise-celeb goods, with this week’s food-themed segment bringing home cooks face to digital face with famous foodies.

Fans who sent Krasinski their favorite family feeds were treated to a video chat not only with the SGN host but with a celebrity, chef, or celebrity chef who’d cooked their recipe themselvesCocktail king of the isolation internet (and the host’s brother-in-law) Stanley Tucci had a go at a one nanna’s TikTok Quarantini, which sounds like a boozy Orange Julius. Martha Stewart praised a four-generation-strong pierogi recipe as close to her own grandmother’s. Momofuku honcho Dave Chang gave a very stoked fan from Krasinski’s hometown props for her wine quantities. And Guy Fieri made some glorious sloppy joe-ish monster subs dubbed “dynamites” before getting a surprise of his own from Krasinski. Read more…

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