Spotify’s new new ‘Daily Wellness’ playlist is worth a try but has a few flaws


With all the stress in the world — you know, a deadly, terrifying global pandemic — Spotify dropped a new service: a daily, personalized aimed at wellness. Fittingly, it’s called Daily Wellness and I gave it a try.

OK, first, let me drop my biases: I can be a cynical person and I’m pretty high energy — like hyper hyper — which has made meditation difficult for me. I can get both mentally and physically uncomfortable while trying anything resembling meditation or therapy or sincere reflection.

That being said, amid the pandemic — and battling some, let’s say, serious anxiety — I’ve been taking active steps to try to improve my mental health. Therapy, meditation, exercise, whatever else, it all seemed like a good idea to help me get through the day. Read more…

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