Social distancing on a reality TV show looks weird, but ‘MasterChef Australia’ is making it work

Social distancing on a reality TV show looks weird, but 'MasterChef Australia' is making it work

On Monday night, MasterChef Australia finally reached the point where social distancing rules came into effect during filming earlier this year. It made for a very different-looking kitchen than viewers were used to. 

The show’s 12th season has become a record of how reality television could navigate the coronavirus pandemic. It was already notably different to previous seasons, as it is the first year with new judges Andy Allen, Melissa Leong, and Jock Zonfrillo. Further, this season is subtitled “Back To Win,” with all contestants having competed in previous seasons stretching back to Season 1 in 2009. Now the ongoing health crisis has also made it a piece of history. Read more…

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