See the vile amount of droplets we spew into the air without masks

See the vile amount of droplets we spew into the air without masks

Researchers filmed the deluge of droplets that spew out of our mouths and noses when we talk, cough, and sneeze. 

In under two minutes, the video shows how different masks block the inevitable purge of particles into the air, compared with no mask. The results, also recently published in the medical journal Thorax, underscore the critical importance of wearing masks amid a newly emerged pathogenic virus that spreads mostly by airborne transmission between people. 

The big takeaways are:

  • When talking, wearing even a single-layer mask significantly limits the exhalation of droplets. 

  • For coughing and sneezing, a double-layer mask is much more effective than a single-layer mask.

  • Generally, the more layers a mask has the better. The researchers suggest “at least three layers” and found surgical masks performed best in this study — though not everyone has access to these masks. Read more…

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