Sean Connery’s ‘serious marriage talks’ with secret girlfriend revealed

Sean Connery rose to worldwide fame as the lovable, Martini-sipping spy James Bond. He played the British secret agent in seven films over the course of three decades. For many the Scottish actor perfectly personified the role of 007 and despite a number of incarnations since, Sean remains a fan favourite. The 58-year-old film franchise is due to show Daniel Craig’s final portrayal as James Bond in ‘No Time to Die’ this November. Sean Connery passed on the mantle for a final time in 1983 and now savours a life of leisure in the Bahamas within a private gated community with a golf course. His life and the leading ladies who have accompanied him through this journey has remained a fixation for the public, ever since he first took to the big screen with ‘Dr No’ in 1962. Little is known about the star’s personal life, due to his refusal to give interviews on anything other than what he wants to talk about. But unearthed accounts reveal more about the thespian’s love life and a secret relationship that very few people know of.

Much like his most memorable acting role James Bond, Sean Connery was reported to have had no trouble with the ladies.

From the age of 16 he was described as a “big local hit with girls”, and according to friend John Brady: “He did better than most of us, without trying.”

This theme carried on into his early 20s according to Michael Feeney Callan who penned the 1983 biography ‘Sean Connery: The Untouchable Hero’.

The writer described that the future star by this time in his life had “developed into a fine hunk of a fellow, all shoulders, and he had this notable, trendy style of dress”.

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