Scientists have discovered the tiniest dinosaur in the world

An international team of scientists have discovered a tiny new species of dinosaur, believed to be the smallest on record.

Named Oculudentavis khaungraae, the diminutive bird’s skull measures only 14.25 milimetres — less than the width of a thumbnail and smaller than the minuscule bee hummingbird. The team’s findings were published today in Nature. 

“It’s lucky this tiny creature was preserved in amber, as such small, fragile animals aren’t common in the fossil record,” said the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County’s senior vice president of research and collections, Dr. Luis ChiappeOculudentavis‘ skull was trapped in Burmese amber 99 million years ago. “This finding is exciting because it gives us a picture of the small animals that lived in a tropical forest during the Age of Dinosaurs.” Read more…

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