Puff, don’t pass: The future of weed after coronavirus


Throughout the 2010s, marijuana was on a roll. Dozens of states and a couple of countries legalized it for recreational use; dozens more belatedly allowed medicinal use. VCs circled a fledgling industry that found novel ways to reach for ever more respectability. Estimated sales worldwide looked set to reach $ 17 billion in 2019, a jump of 38 percent, even as a crisis sparked by knock-off vape pens hobbled one of its main categories.

Then came the 2020 coronavirus pandemic…and in some ways, marijuana was on more of a roll than ever. In states like California, which designated its dispensaries an essential service, a growing mountain of evidence suggests sales have shot up since March 1. No wonder: Much of the cannabis customer base is stuck at home, anxious and bored at the same time. Those who need to go out to work are even more stressed out. Guess which plant has the best track record of relieving such afflictions.  Read more…


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