Parrot launches $7,000 drone for thermal surveillance, search-and-rescue missions

Parrot launches $  7,000 drone for thermal surveillance, search-and-rescue missions

Parrot’s latest drone is absolutely not for photographers, videographers, and other sundry dilettantes. Its latest Anafi model is far more capable than its consumer models. It’s built to fly in inclement weather for one, and offers loads of zoom power and thermal imaging for surveillance, search-and-rescue, and industrial inspections.

But while the regular Anafi goes for around $ 700, the Anafi USA is priced at a staggering $ 7,000. It’s a big jump, but there are reasons for business customers to consider spending the money.

Portable and flies in the rain

The Anafi USA is a small, foldable drone with a nose-mounted camera, and—in a first for Parrot—an airframe that can fly in the rain. It’s small enough to slide into a backpack or messenger bag when folded, and weighs just over a pound. The battery is rated for 32 minutes of flight time. Read more…

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