Now there’s a Tesla Model Y for toddlers

Now there's a Tesla Model Y for toddlers

Tesla’s newest Model Y sure puts the “compact” in compact SUV.

On Tuesday, pre-orders opened for Radio Flyer’s Model Y for kids aged between 18 months and four years. Unlike the real thing priced at $ 50,000, this one is only $ 99. It’s a partnership between Tesla Design Studio and the toy company known for its classic red wagons.

The Model Y for youngsters is even more energy efficient than the full-size electric version, with endless range (or as long as those little feet will push it along). The real thing needs to recharge after about 300 miles.

On the mini Model Y the steering wheel actually works, as does the horn. Advanced driving assistance from Autopilot and other upgrades aren’t available yet, but check out the grip on those rubber tires. Instead of the usual sunroof, there’s a seat.  Read more…

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