Netflix’s ‘Haunting’ anthology previews your next nightmare in eery ‘Bly Manor’ teaser

Netflix's 'Haunting' anthology previews your next nightmare in eery 'Bly Manor' teaser

Creepy mansion filled with creepy dolls? Check. British child singing a spooky song? Check. A whole bunch of ghost-like things that don’t look like they have mouths, but do want to violently devour any soul unlucky enough to cross their path? Check! 

On Monday, Netflix released the first teaser for horror auteur Mike Flanagan’s The Haunting of Bly Manor. The second installment in the streaming service’s “Haunting” anthology, the new season sees the return of The Haunting of Hill House favorite Victoria Pedretti, known for her performances as Nell Crain in Hill House and Love Quinn in Netflix’s You.  Read more…

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