Multiple Apple Watch SE models have dropped below $300 on Amazon

Multiple Apple Watch SE models have dropped below $  300 on Amazon

Save up to $ 49.01: The Apple Watch SE has quietly been put on sale at Amazon, with the cheapest model on sale for just $ 259.99. As of Nov. 10, save up to 15% depending on size and cellular data. Find links to each model on sale below.

Holiday wishlists are always rife with Apple Watches. If you think about it, it’s basically the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon: We all know someone who wants an Apple Watch, know someone who’s trying to gift an Apple Watch, and so on and so forth.

The obvious dilemma: An Apple Watch isn’t exactly a budget-friendly gift. Things get especially tricky when a kid asks for one. Are they ready for a $ 400-something smartwatch? No. Will they be satisfied with a smartwatch directed at kids? That’s like asking a teenager if Nalgene is OK when they specifically asked for a Hydro Flask. Read more…

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