Monstrous Hurricane Iota leaves scenes of disaster


2020 is playing some cruel cards.

Near the end of a record-breaking storm season, two powerful hurricanes, both named with Greek letters, slammed into nearly the same spot in Nicaragua. Hurricane Eta struck on Nov. 3, and Iota followed on Nov. 16. They made landfall just 15 miles apart.

The incoming scenes from the more recent cyclone, Iota, depict a submerged airport, stranded people, and ravaged homes in Nicaragua, Honduras, and beyond.

The vigorous 2020 Atlantic storm season broke the record for named storms, with 30 as of Nov. 19. (The previous record in the well-observed satellite era, since 1966, was 28 named storms.) Tropical storms, which are organized cyclones with wind speeds of at least 39 mph, earn names, and some intensify into hurricanes. For just the second time ever, 2020 exhausted the 21 pre-chosen storm names, so weather agencies defaulted to Greek lettersRead more…


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