Microsoft’s Cortana is saying goodbye to Android and iOS in 2021

Microsoft's Cortana is saying goodbye to Android and iOS in 2021

It’s looking like curtains for Cortana, Microsoft’s digital assistant. On mobile, at least.

In an announcement posted on July 31, the company said it would pull the Cortana mobile app from both iOS and Android devices in early 2021. While this is new for American users, Microsoft did a similar scrubbing of mobile Cortana in regions like Canada, Australia, and the U.K back in Jan. 2020.

As Mashable tech reporter Alex Perry explained back then, this means that, “your reminders and lists won’t work through [mobile Cortana] anymore. They’ll still be synced to the Microsoft To Do app, as a minor consolation prize. It’s also being integrated into Microsoft 365 apps.” Read more…

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