Michael Moore talks to Stephen Colbert about his new climate change documentary


Like millions of New Yorkers, Michael Moore is currently self-isolating at home. But he hasn’t let social distancing slow down his productivity.

During an appearance on The Late Show on Tuesday, the documentary-maker told Stephen Colbert about his new movie — a feature length documentary about climate change, Planet of the Humans, which is available to stream now on his YouTube channel.

“I refuse to except that it’s too late,” Moore tells Colbert in the clip above, when explaining why he made the film. “Maybe the road we’ve been on in trying to fix our environment, while well-intentioned, has not been the right road. Because we’re so far gone at this point — not just with climate change but a whole bunch of other things — that we are not going to be able to solar panel and windmill our way out of this.  Read more…

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