‘Mainstream’ reviews don’t see the point of Gia Coppola’s social media satire

'Mainstream' reviews don't see the point of Gia Coppola's social media satire

Director Gia Coppola’s second feature length film Mainstream is an intentional send-up of internet culture, viral celebrity, and the depths to which people plunge in pursuit of likes and subscribers. Between the silent film–style interstitials and emoji-laden visual style, its merits appear to have confused critics as to what exactly Coppola is trying to say. 

Mainstream stars Andrew Garfield as Link, a provocative performance artist who captures the eye of Frankie (Maya Hawke), a wannabe YouTube celebrity looking for inspiration. When Frankie and Link team up to create viral content, Mainstream‘s satirical outlook chronicles their trending rise and inevitable downfall.  Read more…

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