Lyft CEO says controversial Prop. 22 is a ‘model for other states’

Lyft CEO says controversial Prop. 22 is a 'model for other states'

Well, you can’t say they didn’t warn us.

In a third quarter earnings call Tuesday afternoon, Lyft CEO Logan Green told listening investors and reporters that California’s controversial Prop. 22, which classifies app-based workers as independent contractors and was passed by voters on Nov. 3, needn’t stop at the state line. In fact, Green insisted, looking “beyond California” the industry-led ballot measure “can provide a model for other states.”

That might worry ride-sharing drivers in those other states. The proposition, which passed with roughly 58 percent of the vote, was derided by drivers groups like Gig Workers Rising. Driver advocates accused Prop. 22 of rendering California app-based workers ineligible for basic protections like paid sick leave, minimum wage, and health benefits required under California AB 5. Read more…

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