Learn to read faster and improve your memory for under £10

Learn to read faster and improve your memory for under £10

TL;DR: The Become a SuperLearner: Speed Reading and Memory course is on sale for £7.91 as of July 24, saving you 94% on list price.

You know how they say people only use 10% of their brain? Yeah, it turns out, that’s total rubbish. 

We absolutely use most of our brain, almost all of the time. And there’s no magic key that unlocks an unused, possibly telekinetic reserve of mental power. There is, however, a set of techniques that can help you use your brain power faster and more effectively. 

It’s called the Become a SuperLearner: Speed Reading and Memory course, and while it won’t help you levitate objects with your mind, it can elevate the way you learn, work, and play. This revised and expanded edition of the original SuperLearner course takes students on a journey through the human brain, with over 62 lectures and five hours of content.  Read more…

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