Just… please don’t go to the movies when theaters re-open, OK?

Just... please don't go to the movies when theaters re-open, OK?

Movie theaters are preparing to re-open right now in the midst of a global pandemic that’s spun out of control in the United States. What a terrible idea.

Two of the biggest theater chains in the U.S. will be opening (some of) their doors to customers once again before the end of August, with AMC Theatres returning on Aug. 20 and Regal Cinemas following suit the next day, on Aug. 21. Both seem to think they have this thing figured out, with nearly identical guidelines.

Some of it is good and correct. Masks are required, hand sanitizer will be everywhere, employees will be tested regularly. Both chains are limiting theater occupancy, though AMC is taking a more aggressive stance with capacity cut down to 30 percent. Regal, meanwhile, is only reducing theaters to 50 percent capacity “where required by state or county mandate.” Read more…

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