‘It won’t necessarily be you’: Rachel Maddow begs viewers to be safe after wife’s COVID-19 ordeal

'It won't necessarily be you': Rachel Maddow begs viewers to be safe after wife's COVID-19 ordeal

Popular MSNBC host Rachel Maddow went into quarantine on Nov. 7, saying only that “a close contact” of her had contracted COVID-19. Returning to the air on Thursday evening via a slightly unreliable home rig, she revealed that the contact was her wife Susan Mikula, and that her illness had been severe — and terrifying.

“If you know anything about me off of TV, if you know me personally, then you know the foremost thing about me is that I am in love,” she began. “Susan and I have been together for over 21 years. It was love at first sight. That has never waned. She is the centre of my universe.” Read more…

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