Humans are basically good. This incredible new book proves it.

Humans are basically good. This incredible new book proves it.

If you’ve been watching a lot of TV during the coronavirus lockdown, then like me you may have noticed an odd collision of ads. 

One minute we’re watching a trailer for the new Penny Dreadful in which 1930s Los Angeles is tearing itself apart. Natalie Dormer, as a shape-shifting demon, delivers a line that reflects our long-held deepest fear about human nature: “all mankind needs to be the monster he truly is… is being told he can.” 

But this dark diagnosis is followed by one of those heartstring-tugging pandemic PSAs showing our quiet, peaceful, riot-free neighborhoods. “You’re not alone,” they say. “We’re all in this together.” Indeed we areConsistent and large majorities of the U.S. supports and understands the life-saving science of social distancing — astroturfed protests notwithstanding. Look for the helpers, as Fred Rogers famously advised, and you’ll find them everywhere.  Read more…

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