How to donate clothes in the most ethical ways possible

How to donate clothes in the most ethical ways possible

Liz Ricketts has seen where some of your donated used clothes end up. 

The fashion designer and cofounder of the University of Cincinnati’s Sustainable Fashion Initiative (a zero-waste effort within the university’s fashion program) has spent years shuttling between the U.S. and Ghana since 2011.


There, she’s spent the bulk of her time in the Kantamanto Market in Accra, Ghana’s capital. Kantamanto is Ghana’s largest secondhand clothing market, and possibly the biggest in West Africa, according to Rickett’s nonprofit the OR Foundation, whose website will be up and running soon. (For now, Ricketts has this website, a multimedia research project looking at the second-hand clothing market in Accra.) Her U.S.-based foundation has worked in Ghana since 2009 and aims to challenge consumer behavior by educating people on the fashion industry. Read more…

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