How museums are (inclusively) documenting a tumultuous year

How museums are (inclusively) documenting a tumultuous year

Turn your feeble, innocent 2019 brain on, and try to walk your former self through any of the images you’ve seen in the last few months: deserted streets, politicians in face masks, Black Lives Matter protesters forming historic crowds. It certainly…takes some explaining.

To do just that, museums and cultural institutions around the country have been documenting these quotidian symbols of the coronavirus and activism. At first, these collections centered largely on the artifacts and private moments that symbolized an era of social distancing — face masks, Zoom lessons, lawn party attendees standing six feet apart. Beginning in late May, though, people across the country marched in the streets following the horrific police killing of George Floyd to protest the systemic racism endangering and disenfranchising Black Americans. The protests became part of the overall coronavirus narrative, which had already exposed structural inequalities that left Read more…

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