Here’s how you can know when Xbox Series X preorders go live

Here's how you can know when Xbox Series X preorders go live

Gamers have been champing at the bit for any morsel of information we can get about next-gen consoles, and to be honest, both Microsoft and Sony have been keeping us pretty satiated with PS5 and Xbox Series X news throughout the summer. The thing is, the two most important pieces of information are still strangely unknown, even though both consoles are reportedly launching this holiday season: The exact release date (maybe?), and the price.

While we still have no idea when we’ll get details on those things (hopefully soon), we do know how you can be in the loop when preorders go live. In this article, we’ll be exclusively talking about how to get notified when Xbox Series X preorders go live, but for how to get PlayStation 5 preorder information, go here (it’s a bit more complicated).  Read more…

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