HBO’s ‘Run’ is a sexy, silly, sometimes scary escape from reality


Catching a train to anywhere else sounds pretty good these days.

Of course, that’s not an option for most of us. But thanks to HBO’s Run, premiering this Sunday, viewers can vicariously experience that thrill with a flirty, tense, and surprising trip starring Domnhall Gleeson and Merritt Wever.

A romantic comedy-turned-thriller told in seven acts (five of which were provided to Mashable for review), this meditation on shirking responsibilities offers engaging, multi-leveled characters perfect for keeping you company until it’s time to go back to the norm.

Playing Billy Johnson and Ruby Richardson, former college sweethearts whose lives aren’t going as planned, Gleeson and Wever are introduced through a charming premise. When Billy texts Ruby “Run” — just “Run” — she inexplicably texts him “Run” back, grabs the belongings she has on her, and rushes to catch an evening train. The pair reunite aboard a coach bound for Chicago, and engage in some remarkably horny catching up.  Read more…


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