‘Hamilton’ will lose some curse words for Disney+


With Hamilton on its way to Disney+, hardcore Hamilfans had a question about that PG-13 rating: What about the fucks?

On stage, Hamilton contains exactly three f-bombs, two of which had to be sacrificed to avoid an R rating, Lin-Manuel Miranda explained on Twitter. He even took it a step further and immediately quelled speculation about which fucks we’d have to give (up).

…I literally gave two fucks so the kids could see it:
1. In Yorktown, there’s a mute over “I get the f___ back up again”
2. “Southern *record scratch*kin’ Democratic Republicans.”
You can sing whatEVER you like at home (even sync up the album)!
Love you. Enjoy.

— Lin-Manuel Miranda (@Lin_Manuel) June 22, 2020 Read more…

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