Grow your own herbs and veggies with Bloomscape’s new collection

Grow your own herbs and veggies with Bloomscape's new collection

TL;DR: Bloomscape’s new Edible Garden section, which features kale, peppers, herbs, and more, is live as of Sept. 22. First-time customers can take 20% off a purchase of $ 100 or more (plus free shipping) with the code FALLR20.

Growing your own food is a great way to invest in a new hobby while also (literally) reaping the rewards. You’ll learn new skills, take care of something beautiful, and also … eat delicious food? Wait, is this the ideal pastime?

You definitely don’t need fancy plants to get started, but if you want extra help launching your life as a tomato parent, Bloomscape’s new Edible Garden collection (which launched on Monday) is full of great options.  Read more…

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