French and Saunders’ ‘Titting About’ podcast will give you a much needed giggle

French and Saunders' 'Titting About' podcast will give you a much needed giggle

There’s a bloody lot going on at present. From where I’m sitting, as England moves into a second lockdown amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, joining the rest of the UK in heightened COVID-19 restrictions, there are many in need of a jolly good chuckle, just to break up the day.

Luckily, Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders have a good joke about butt cheeks. 

Released on Audible at the beginning of October as part of a swathe of UK comedy releases on Amazon, French and Saunders: Titting About is needed now more than ever, as the hearty guffaw-inducing chatty podcast I’d been searching for in this sinking quagmire of a year.  Read more…

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