Even the new Google Doodle wants you to wash your hands really well

We know you’ve been inside all day, social distancing so diligently, catching up on all your favorite movies, and otherwise trying to remain healthy and positive during these trying times.

But despite the fact that quarantining for the coronavirus pandemic has made the outside world feel like a strange apparition, you should still be washing your hands really, really well, even if you’re practicing social distancing as carefully as possible.

How do we know this, though? 

It’s all thanks to Dr. Ignaz Semmelweis, a Hungarian physician from the 19th century.

Semmelweis, widely-considered to be the first person to suggest that handwashing would prevent the spread of life-threatening germs, is being honored today with a Google Doodle recognizing the continued importance of his discovery.  Read more…


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