Disney+’s ‘Howard’ thoughtfully reflects on the legacy of one of Disney’s greatest creative minds

Disney+'s 'Howard' thoughtfully reflects on the legacy of one of Disney's greatest creative minds

The first movies I fell in love with were Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid. I don’t remember how old I was, but I do remember watching them constantly, reenacting the best scenes with my older brother, and singing to the soundtracks on long car rides over and over again. There was just something about those movies that I could never get over.

Though I didn’t know what made them so great when I was young (I only knew that I liked them), I can look back as an adult and see what made these animations so enchanting. While the visuals were dreamy and the stories were compelling, the music is what has stayed with me the longest. All the songs, from “Be Our Guest” to “Part of Your World,” have a larger-than-life quality to them that could have only been made by a person with a larger-than-life imagination. And that person is Howard Ashman, the lyricist at the center of Disney’s newest documentary, HowardRead more…

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