Cut down on clutter with a headphone stand that’s also a charger

Cut down on clutter with a headphone stand that's also a charger

TL;DR: Tidy up your space with this two-in-one headphone stand and charger, on sale for $ 85.99 as of Nov. 9. 

Snag yourself something simple to begin whipping your desk into shape — this two-in-one headphone stand and charger from Oakywood, for example. A delightful addition to your workspace, this stylish wooden stand fulfills two needs: charging your phone and storing your headset.

The stand’s wooden base houses a wireless charger, which will power up any Qi-enabled device, even with cases up to 4mm thick.

Since many of us are working remotely or helping our kids with distance learning, we have headphones around at all times. This stand allows you to hang even bulky headphones without taking up valuable desk space.  Read more…

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