Cancer-Causing Foods And Drinks Backed By Scientific Research

Ultra-Processed Foods

chicken nuggets, poultry, meat

hansbenn (CC0), Pixabay

Ultra-processed foods, such as instant ramen and chicken nuggets, have contributed to obesity for decades. But in 2018, researchers found another risk in these foods other than their nutritional value. In The BMJ, a study reported that high amounts of processed food result in a 12% greater chance of ovarian and breast cancer. Analyzed foods included packaged baked foods, processed meatballs, and frozen meals. Less-processed foods like pasta and cheese did not have this effect. French researcher and lead author Bernard Srour added that eating fresh foods lowers your risk of cancer.


Farm-Raised Salmon

salmon, barbecue, barbeque

Shutterbug75 (CC0), Pixabay

Farm-raised salmon may have a great taste, but it could contain toxins. In 2004, researchers examined farm-raised salmon around the world and found several pollutants on the fish’s skin. According to the study, these pollutants could be so carcinogenic that the authors don’t recommend eating farm-raised salmon more than once a month.

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