Cancer-Causing Foods And Drinks Backed By Scientific Research

Vegetable Oils

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Vegetable oils–including corn, canola, palm, and soybean oils–may not be the healthiest options to cook with. In 2015, researchers found that heating these oils release aldehydes, a chemical linked to many cancers. Moreover, frying foods in these oils resulted in 100 to 200 times the aldehyde amount recommended by the National Health Society. In 2019, scientists from the University of Massachusetts conducted a similar study with mice. When they fried food in canola oil, they found that it enhanced tumor growth, worsened inflammation, and posed a risk for colon cancer. Choose healthier oils such as coconut and olive oil.


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Many health experts have warned against sugary drinks–especially soda–for years. But in July 2019, French researchers reported that drinking four ounces of soda per day raises a person’s risk of cancer by 18%. An average can of soda contains 12 ounces. A spokesperson for the American Cancer Society, Colleen Doyle, stated that obesity is a known risk factor for cancer. Drinks with 5% sugar or more are connected to both obesity and cancer. Fortunately, artificially sweetened “zero sugar” sodas do not pose the same threat.

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