Boeing’s new VR simulator immerses astronauts in space training

Boeing's new VR simulator immerses astronauts in space training

Boeing’s Starliner craft is headed to space, but first its astronauts are training in virtual reality. 

The American aerospace company is part of the NASA commercial crew program — the same one that sent SpaceX’s Crew Dragon to the International Space Station with two NASA astronauts onboard last month — and to prep for its upcoming missions to the ISS it announced a new partnership with a Finnish VR company, Varjo.

Varjo’s VR experience with a headset and hand controls for Boeing recreates the mission from pre-launch, docking, undocking to landing. Connie Miller, a programmer for Boeing Starliner, said it feels very realistic, with your hands digitally displayed in gloves. “You very much get the presence of being in the simulator,” she said in a phone call.  Read more…

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