Bidets may be flying off the shelves, but this one is in stock and on sale

Upgrade your at-home hygiene with a Bliss BB-2000 bidet toilet seat for $ 629, a 10% savings as of April 13.

When COVID-19 first began spreading in the US, people across the country started hoarding toilet paper. Since then, it has become nearly impossible for retailers to meet the demand, so shelves are left empty and consumers are at a loss for what else they should do.

The toilet paper shortage quickly turned into a bidet shortage, however, as customers flocked towards every iteration of the water-spouting device.

Thankfully, one bidet is still in stock (and it is on sale.) The Bliss BB-2000 features a three-in-one nozzle system that packs a signature vortex water stream, an excellent posterior wash, and a softer feminine wash featuring bubble infusion technology.  Read more…

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